To ensure that all taxpayers are equally and fairly taxed in Accordance with South Carolina
Law and regulations as established by South Carolina DOR and The Comptroller Generals

Our Responsibilities

Assembles the information of Real Estate and Personal Property ownership for the purpose of
establishing a fair Market value. Computing the assessed value, and applying the county
millage rate to produce revenue collected by the County Treasurer; Determines Homestead
Exemption eligibility for county residents; Prepares county tax roll; Authorizes additions,
omissions and abatements to the tax roll. Adds penalty charges to all property taxes which
have not been paid.

R. Brent Suddeth, Pickens County Auditor

Brent was elected Auditor in November 2008. He is a graduate of Liberty High School and Tri-
County Technical College. Currently, he resides in Pickens with his wife Tonya and their two children.