Kandy C. Kelley, Coroner
Pickens County Coroner's Office
147 Kay Holcombe Rd.
Liberty, SC  29657
Phone: (864) 898-5561
Fax: (864) 843-5809


The mission of the Pickens County Coroner's Office is to professionally investigate deaths
occurring in Pickens County with integrity, respect, courtesy, fairness, and consideration in a
timely manner on behalf of the decedent and their families. It further includes maintaining
open lines of communication with area medical personnel, funeral homes, local law
enforcement and the court.

Coroner Kandy C. Kelley 

Kandy was born in Hanover, New Hampshire. She and her family
made their home in Vermont until Kandy was fifteen. At that time she,
her mother, brother, and step-father relocated to Easley. After
graduation from Easley Senior High, she married J. B. Kelley of
Walhalla who is currently a Lieutenant in the Criminal Investigations
Division of the Pickens County Sheriff's Office. They have two daughters, Kasey Liner and Kristy Smith.

Kandy received her degree as a Surgical Technologist from Greenville
Technical College in 1996 where she was on the Dean's List and voted the best all-round
student in her class. Kandy has been employed in the surgical field at Palmetto Health
Baptist Hospital and Cannon Memorial Hospital. She is certified as a Medical Assistant and
has also worked as a Medical Assistant in the fields of Oral Surgery, ENT, Urology, and
Internal Medicine.

Kandy received advanced training when she attended "Medicolegal Training for Death
Investigators" at the University of Saint Louis in October 2000 and has received additional
training in Forensic Entomology. Kandy joined the Pickens County Coroner's Office on
January 3, 2001. Kandy joined the Pickens County Coroner's office on January 3, 2001 as
Chief Deputy Coroner. 

Pickens County Coroners List
William D. Sloan 02/08/1830
John Burdine 02/06/1833
Nathan Boon 07/27/1839
William J. Gantt 07/08/1848
Isaac Michliffe 02/14/1865
William J. Gantt 02/12/1867
John W. Major 06/10/1869
Warren Boyd 02/10/1873
B. B. Earle 02/13/1877
Thomas Parkins 02/11/1879
Thomas K. Kirsey 02/08/1881
James A. Lesley 02/10/1885
Patrick H. Boggs 08/04/1888
William S. Parsons 02/14/1893
W. D. Jones 02/09/1897
Benjamin F Parsons 02/12/1901
D. A. Parrott 02/14/1905
Patrick H. Boggs 01/05/1909
Millard F. Hester 06/11/1910
Joseph E. Medlin 01/03/1911
Oscar C. Durham 01/07/1919
William T. Beasley 01/04/1921
Oscar C. Durham 01/06/1925
William T. Beasley 01/01/1929
D. H. Rampey 01/05/1937
Earl R. Owens 01/04/1949
Clement A. Smith 01/01/1957
Doug Haynes 01/05/1965
Burts R. Childress 01/02/1973
Orr F. Thrasher 08/08/1975
Stewart Bell 01/04/1977
Mitchell Davis 01/01/1989
James Mahanes 01/01/2001
Kandy C. Kelley 01/01/2009


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